What’s hiding underneath?

Always allow yourself to have time for meditation, to constantly purify your mind.

Always allow yourself to have time for meditation! Purify yourself constantly!

Today, I went to visit dentist for half yearly check-up. He told me that one of my tooth with old filling was not in good condition and needed  to redo the filling and remove old filling. He can’t see much on how severe was the decay with the covered of old filling.

After completed the treatment, he shown the photo of the tooth condition which was badly decay and also there was a crack underneath. So blessed that I went for half yearly check up and I can save my tooth. The dentist mentioned that if I bite on something hard, the tooth might cracked and nothing much he can do to save it.

This is a great reminder that we need to constantly to purify ourselves like peeling off the layer of onion. I remembered one of my teacher sharing that we need to constantly  practicing meditation to purify our mind as we are just like a covering and thickening cement which block all smelly shit underneath. You seriously don’t know yourself well if you take a moment of silent time in your daily routine.

If you know your bad habits, you are able to transform yourself!





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