Why not be happy?

A lot of times, we love to complain that the external environment or people or things that causing disturbances in our life. We love to blame others instead of looking inward. A few examples, if you stuck in heavy traffic, you’ll start to grumble and blame others. If you taste the food is not nice, you are going to start a complaint and feel disappointment. If you see people are not following your way of handling things, you are going to complain again….. There are endless complaint and disappointment in life.

Be quiet, let’s think. Do you want all this negative energy in your life? Instead of smiling and you are actually upset! Why?

When you sit still, you are aware that you are the one who start all this complain in your small mind, you are comparing, calculating, expecting… The more you are using your small mind, the more unhappy you are. You are the director of all your stories, you can think of the worst and bring unhappiness in your life. All unhappiness is not causing from external factor, is started from you. You are creating and let it happen!!!

I had a short vacation recently. This is a very interesting observation.

The water in swimming pool is so peaceful if there is no water flow from the "the fish mouth".

The water in swimming pool is so peaceful if there is no water flow coming out from the “fish mouth”. You can see clearly the circle of water and it spread to the whole pool. 

It’s the same as what happen in our mind, thought after thought and it start to create a full story. Just cut off your thought of complaining or blaming, you are going to be free from unhappiness and enjoy every moment of life with joy and happiness.

I always remember one of my teacher sharing, ” Whatever happen in this moment of life, whether good or bad, this is the best thing happen in my life.”

Yeah! Happy Sunday! Be happy and smile always!




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