Three little prince and princess…

The leader at home, Little Black! So handsome!

The leader at home, Little Black! So handsome!

Yeah! Our three little prince and princess!

Yeah! Our three little prince and princess! Can you locate them?

One of the best thing to do during holiday is to play with my three little prince and princess in the garden. It’s really interesting to observe them, the more you understand them, the more you know they are just like us. Each of them are so different in term of character and behaviour.

Little black, he is the leader at home. He’ll take care of his younger sisters, Miss Mimi and Miss Sisi. He is really a good boy except he love to collect “gifts” from neighbourhood. He stays with us for more than 4 years. He understood well on our language and communicate with us with his “meow” language. One of the sweetest thing is if we get home late, he’ll wait for us and say “hello”. He’ll use his little head to touch our head to show his love to us.

Miss Mimi, we’ve adopted this little girl for almost 2 years since Little Black brought her home. She came to us only 700 gram and now she is a mature lady weight about 4.4 kg. However, she is a fierce lady and we are very “Worry” about her as she’ll bite us without any notice. Perhaps, this is her nature. Other than that she is always sweet, she’ll act as little alarm if I don’t wake up on time. As such, I don’t sleep late even off day as my sweet girl will do her work diligently.

Miss SiSi, she came to our house few days before this Chinese New Year. She seems like know us well and refuse to go. Of course, We adopted her as we can’t say no to this little girl. She is a baby girl, perhaps about a year plus. She is typically a “copycat”, she learn everything from her brother and sister. She love to play games. Every night, my sister will spend time to play with this little being. She is very homely too, seldom go out except accompany my father to do gardening. Sweet girl!!!

We are blessed to have this three little beings in life, they are sharing a lot of life lesson with us. Of course, to celebrate beautiful and happy moment with us. They are our laugh factory!!!

All animals deserved a chance to live and to love!!! Let’s be the best friend to them!

You can!


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