Miss Sisi, We love you dearly…

We love you, Miss Sisi!

We love you, Miss Sisi!

Some of us, we assume we are more superior than our animal friends. We are more intelligent and we can communicate with each others by using “languages”. If you hang around and stay together with our lovely animal friends, you know the best they can understand your language well. No barrier on languages to understand each others.

My sister shared one touching action by our lovely, Miss SiSi. We always reminded Miss Sisi not to lost her collar as it’s expensive and most important, we want her little bell to give signal to other beings sufficient time to run away before she “harm/kill” them like lizard, birds, small insects…

This afternoon, my sister was taken a nap, she heard the loud crying voice from Miss Sisi. She was so curious on what was happening. She was so touched to see Miss SiSi with her loose collar. Miss SiSi was running home after her collar dropped and she “carried” home the collar with her mouth. Then, she was shouted for help from my sister to help her wear back the collar.

A little being also can understand well on our language. Never treat our animal friends like second class citizen, they are just like us. Love them and not harm them.

You can!




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