Overly “Worry”…

Nature is our friend! Enjoy!

Nature is our friend! Enjoy!

One of my friend shared with me that since young, she was overly protected by her mum. She is not allowed to do jungle tracking and activities which have risk. She was only able to enjoy indoor camping, indoor bicycle cycling and others. Her mum shared with her that it’s so dangerous in jungle as you are not aware of what will happen, as such better to avoid. This message was instilled strongly in her mind, even though she is adult and able to take care of herself now, she doesn’t dare to do jungle tracking and outdoor activities.

We asked, “Are you allow your son to go for camping?” Her answer was, “Of course, Yes but opposite to our house, it’s a field. He can always camp there and I can take care of him. No way that I’ll allow him to go to forest.” Wow!

What a great lesson! How important to be a parent and sharing right teaching to your children as this can influence so many beings. Why should we be so worry and think negatively? Usually, whatever we are worry, it’s not going to happen. Moreover, if you are talking about risk, even though we are sitting at home, there is risk too. Don’t worry so much and bring tremendous stress in your life.

Allow your children to explore life, to be adventure and get in touch with the beautiful nature.




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