Keep walking!

Keep walking and you are going to reach to your destiny!

Keep walking and you are going to reach to your destiny!

When you are doing or practising something which is against the main stream and you are the minority, you need more faith to walk the path if not its easy for you to stop your journey in the half way.

Yesterday, I had an opportunity to talk with a nutritionist. I would like to buy organic chickpea flour, however quite challenging to look for even though I’ve source from several organic outlets. She asked me, “Why not buy the natural chickpea flour? If not, you can’t bake based on recipe.” My answer to her was, “Never mind, I’ll drop the recipe if I can’t get organic ingredients. It’s only one of the recipe. I’ve so many choices.” Moreover, I shared with her that what is the meaning of consuming the “poison” for the food and pamper our senses. It’s not worth it! Body is our precious wealth!

Think about it, if a person ask you to take a glass with poison, I am very sure you are not going to drink the water as you might die. However, We are willingly to consume those food with so much chemical, GMO, Antibiotic, hormone, preservatives and others harmful ingredients without any realisation. Why are we behave in such a way?Used to it, not going to die immediately but gradually, can’t see the impact and direct link, in the name of “enjoying” and…

Another example that I can’t get any vanilla extract without alcohol content, I need to buy from overseas.  My friends mentioned, “You are fanatic.” My answer was “I knew and I must be honest to myself. I vow to follow precepts and this is the “Invisible” protection to take care of my mind in order to take right action.

When you know you are on the right  path, keep walking!

I am grateful to each one of you for your strong support and guidance for me to continue to walk the path with full faith.

A big Thank you!!!







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