Tree is our best friend!

Whenever my friends complain to me that they need to switch on their fan or air conditioner at night. I’ll alway share with them, my residential area is so cooling and refreshing. Of course, it’s really hard for them to accept in tropical weather that I don’t to switch on fan and air conditioner at night.

Well, I am really gratitude to people who planted so many trees in our residential area for us to enjoy fresh and cooling air.

There are so many beautiful trees are growing well in our residential area.

There are so many beautiful trees are growing well in our residential area. It’s not just beautify the environment and yet its help to absorb carbon dioxide and releasing Oxygen. Moreover, it can reduce the heat and provide cooling atmosphere. Trees are so important to the survival of mankind. When the forest is vanishing, mankind will disappeared too.Sad to mention that some of us also not aware that the precious oxygen to inhale and support our life is from the lovely trees. Imagine, what will happen if we chop off all trees? We are going to die and all beings also going to extinct soon.

“The best friend on earth of man is the tree: when we use the tree respectfully and economically, we’ve one of the greatest resources of the earth.”

By Frank Lloyd Wright

Be mindful when you are using material produced from trees like paper, boxes, tissue, toilet roll, wooden furniture, wood and others. Used when you need and remembered to recycle.

Let’s make best friends with trees.

You can! We can!


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