Are you tired?

Living in modern society, we are exposing to too much info, data, photo, video in social media, to keep our mind in peace and calm is also a big challenges. We might so addicted to check our mail, text messages, blog, video, games, news and others. We can’t leave our home without smart phone.

One of my friend’s father, about 60 years, he love to play online games and he can’t go to places without wifi. He can only travel to places within sudden timeframe as he need to continue his games.  He lost his freedom and trapped himself in digital world.

We love to complain how tired we are. Have you ever know the reason why are we so tired? We are using too much of energy of non-stop browsing, checking and others.  Our mind is too busy to analyse, store, tracking with all data. Why not make a balance life?

A simple question, How long you lost touch with nature?

Have you missed out:

Flower blossom, Starry night, beautiful insect, walking bare foot on grass, watching the changes in the cloud, butterfly, bees, beautiful trees, mountain, river, rainbow, waterfall,  and others…

Take a walk in nature and enjoy the peaceful moment. The more time you spend with nature, the more refreshing you are. You are going to let go your tiredness!


How harmony and peaceful in insect world! Have you notice a little grasshopper?


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