You can contribute…

Nature is belong to "us". Let's do our best and let our next generation to enjoy.

Nature is belong to “us”. Let’s do our best and let our next generation to enjoy.

Do you know how much is your electrical bill and also water bill?

Many of us, we are just paying the bill without realising how much is our consumption and also we might totally ignore the fact that we can save our money and also environment by cutting down the expenses. Never underestimate our little effort. Its help! Start from yourself and be the change leader.

My friend shared with me that their electricity fee per month is about RM 500 to RM 1,000 (USD $120-USD$200). I am shocking why their electricity fees are so high. Usually, I’ll share with them, my bill is about RM 100 (USD$ 23). Our family is extremely mindful on the resources. We are using all energy-saving products at home and switch off the lights and others appliances when not using. We do our best to save energy in order to preserve the environment. The more we use electricity, the more resource we are consuming. We are using petroleum to generate electricity, what are we leaving for next generation? To us, the main priority is to preserve environment.

Of course, you might say that I’ve the ability to settle the bill. Why should I be worry? Why should I care? Well, imagine the money you can save from electricity bill, you can donate and help many people. You are bringing so much happiness to others instead of energy wastage. How nice!

When you are doing the right action, never ever compare with others and start grumble, Why others are not concern? Why should I care then?

Lead by example and encourage people surrounding you to save energy, its one of the way to preserve our environment.

Yes, you can!






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