Sometimes, I heard from my friends that they are doing their best to protect their family members especially their children. Some might not even bring their children to playground as they are so worry about dirt, germs and others. They just wanted to quarantine  their children at home to reduce risk on any unwanted incident happen.  Even their house also keep on sanitised, worry their children get infection and fall sick.

Well, some cases are more drastic that parent are provided a house, fully furnished, a car for their working children to ensure their children are living comfortably. Imagine, how to grow-up independent for a well protected child? They can’t even overcome and live well in challenging times. Why should we constantly worry about our children?

Just look around the animal world, e.g. Once the little kitten and puppies are able to look for food, the mother will let go them. However, we are doing opposite, we are continuously to carry the burden until to our death-bed. Some even carry the burden until to their grandson or grand-daughter. Is it necessary? Free them and free yourself!

The more challenges we are facing in life, the tougher we can be. It’s like the plum blossoms have endeared everyone because they bloom amidst the cold weather. Nature is always our great master.

Even though, we stopped Miss SiSi from drank the water yet she refused to follow. We just let go!

Even though, we stopped Miss SiSi from drank the rain water yet she refused. We just let go! Perhaps, she know what is the best! 


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