Live well with yourself!

Life is a celebration!

Life is a celebration! Live well with yourself!

One of my friend shared with me that she can’t stay at home and sit quietly. She loved to continuously to make herself busy by hang out and meeting with others. She feel so bored if stay at home.

Are you enjoying to be accompanied by yourself?

Do you need to make yourself “busy” by non-stop meeting?

Why are you so worry to be with yourself?

Think about it, if you can’t live harmony with yourself, how about with others?

We might put a lot of effort to love and understand others, yet we totally forget, “Who are we?” “What do we want in life?”

We are lost in life and continuously indulge and pursuit for external stuffs to satisfy our senses in really short time. We are thinking all this gathering and meeting can bring happiness in life. We continuously this cycle and never-ending to look out instead of look inward.

Why not take a moment to sit quietly to understand yourself better?

The more you are living well and harmony with yourself, gradually you are going to discover you are the fountain of happiness and you don’t need any external stuffs to bring happiness in your life.

Life is a celebration! Happiness is our nature!

Live well with yourself!




2 responses to “Live well with yourself!

  1. “Think about it, if you can’t live harmony with yourself, how about with others”

    FACT. Wonderful little morsel to eat up whole today. Write On!

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