Are you on time?

Be on time is one of the best way to bring happiness to yourself and others!

Be on time is one of the best way to bring happiness to yourself and others!

Are you punctual for appointment?

Some of us, we are always late for appointment, we are thinking, “What’s wrong with a few minutes late?” “Most of the people also doing the same, Why can’t I do the same?”

Think about it, if everyone also late for an event, what time can we start the event? This happen especially to Chinese Wedding dinner, most of us, never on time and we are keep waiting for those who are coming late.

We are wasting the “Life” of others when we are late for appointment. Time passed, it gone forever. Never waste your life and other’s life. Be on time! Respect yourself and others!

I respect my time and also others, I am on time for appointment, usually earlier than the appointment time. The reason is simple, why are we rushing for appointment? You are creating stress and tension for yourself and others. Why not be early? You can chill and cool yourself well before the appointment.

I had a bad experience that I was trapped in an unforeseen traffic jam,  I was late for dinner gathering. I can remember well that my heart was beating fast, I am so stressed as it was no good to let whole table to wait for you.  It’s embarrassed as we are wasting others time and their precious life. This might also create unnecessary stress and unhappiness to others. Why can’t we be early? It’s also a good way to express our kindness to ourself and others. Simple and yet easy to do!





4 responses to “Are you on time?

  1. Yes, being on time is caring, loving and honoring yourself and another… AND sometimes life happens to delay YOU… but he ho… we have mobile phones now and can warn them of our unfortunate delay… love your article x barbara

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