Little change…

How much do you spend on utility bill?

One of my friend share with me that her family is spending very high amount in electricity bill. It’s about 6 times of my electricity bill.  I am curious on how is their usage, as such I started to check. Apparently, she switched on her air-conditioner almost 24 hours per day as her little boy and her family are used to “cooling” environment since young. They can’t live without air-conditioner. As such, this is one of the reason that they are paying high electricity bill.

It’s similar to my neighbour too, they hardly open any of windows and rely heavily on air-conditioner. If there is electricity cut off due to unforeseen reason, they need to go to shopping mall or any restaurant with air-conditioner, they can’t survive in normal weather.

All this is habitual which we pamper our senses heavily and also parent is expressing their love to their children by providing “cool” environment. Have you ever think about environment besides costing? How to generate electricity?

Of course, you can use but use it wisely!

I don’t switch on air-conditioner unless its unbearable. I am glad that my house is full of windows and also good air circulation. Besides, we are having an air well in the middle of house. So, it’s really help, natural breeze is always the best.

I also share with my friend that recently, I don’t even switch on fan at night as my room is too cold especially during raining season. They are shocking, how can this happen? All this happen as many trees and plant in our surrounding. Trees and plants are our best buddy, we rely on each other.

Enjoy natural breeze instead of "Artificial cooling!" Take a walk in nature! You are definitely more recharge!

Enjoy natural breeze instead of “Artificial cooling!” Take a walk in nature! You are definitely more recharge! Don’t over rely!

The money we save from paying high electricity can be used to do many meaningful stuffs like donation, support organic food and others.

When you change small habitual, you are going to contribute to your financial and helping the environment! How nice!



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