Why not?

Sis & I, we do our best to support organic food, organic gardening, organic products... Let lead by example!

Sis & I, we do our best to support organic food, organic gardening, organic products… Living our life as great example for others! Instead of demanding other to change, let us take the first step!

One of my friend shared with me that she is always facing challenges when sharing with people that she is taking organic food. Her friends will always question and also doubt on “Whether the food is genuinely organic grown or not?” However, people usually no doubt on the food that they are consuming with full of chemical fertiliser and pesticides. They seem like accept the reality of being taking “toxins” daily. They are not questioning non-organic food yet so aggressive and defensive towards organic food.

Why are we behave in such a way? Instead of giving encouragement and being gratitude to people who are taking organic food as all this people are taking care and also do their best to preserve a pure land without pollution and leave behind a better place for next generation. Of course, they are taking care of their health too.

I always share with people why not take a try on organic food. Be quiet and listen to your body. Chew the food slowly and enjoy the natural sweetness in vegetables! You can tell the different. It’s great to doubt, however please moving forward to find out the truth.

Today, I was dine out with my colleagues for non organic vegetarian lunch. Immediately, after lunch, My body gave a strong reaction, I was not well, my mind was “so heavy” and I can’t even think well. My colleagues never feel anything wrong as their body was “Numb” with toxins. I am blessed that my body is so awaken and alert. By listening to your body, you know what food you can take and what you can’t, what is good and what is bad…

Another big complain is on the high price in organic food. Think about it, the slightly higher price of food can actually provide best and natural nutrient to enrich our body and mind. You can always cut down expenses on unnecessary purchase like clothing, shoes, bag and others. All this items can’t provide good health to you. Nothing is more precious than a healthy body and mind. Its one of the main source of your happiness. Don’t lose it and regret later. There is meaningless to spend high price on medical bill in future, Why not investing for your health and at the same time benefiting to all beings to live in pollution free environment?

You can!






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