Liberate yourself!!!

Less is more! The best blessings!

Less is more! The best blessings!

“One of the nun’s facing challenges that a mice alway damaged her robes and she need to spend so much time to sew the robes. So, she decided to get a cat in order to get rid of mice. Later, she need to look for “milk” to feed the cat. For her convenience, she asked the villagers for a cow in order to get milk for the cat. In order to feed the cow, she is taking help to get a boy to take care of the cow by feeding grass. Her life is busier as she is continuously to fulfil her “want” and spent so much time on unnecessary chores instead of spend time on spiritual practise. It’ll never ending until she is going to let go her “want” list and enjoy her peaceful life. ”

This story is so similar to our life. Our “want/desires” make us so busy to satisfy and we are always get ready a new “want” list. It’s a great story to remind us to live simple life as we don’t need so much stuffs to live well.

Recently, I put a lot of effort in study and research about cooking, I am so attracted to get more kitchen tools in order to help me to cook better and faster. After reading this story, it reminded me that less is more. My “want” list is just like the nun, its keep bothering to look for new stuffs. When I think deeper, I don’t need any additional tools, I just use whatever existing to cook a good meal with my full-hearted. I am so relieved and enjoyed freedom in life.

Don’t trap yourself in “Want” list that you seriously don’t need and disturbed your peaceful mind.

Liberate yourself!

You deserved!




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