Happy Caterpillar!

Hello! Who is staring?

Happy morning! Who is staring?

Most of the leaves in the lime tree being eaten by caterpillars.

This lovely lime tree with our family for about 20 years. We’ve shifted this lime tree from our hometown. It’s quite old, however, still growing well but quite sometimes never bear any lime.

When I discovered a group of caterpillars were on the lime tree and continuously eating the leaves as their main food to survive and waiting for the day to transform as beautiful butterfly. Of course, they are damaging the lime tree. I am slightly sad to see the bald lime tree. However, I strongly believe the leaves will grow back soon. Lets give a chance to caterpillar to live and eat happily with their happy food. They love their life and also as precious as ours too.

The happy family....

Happy family!

We always need to make decision in life. Every time, I’ll look at things at macro perspective that my action will bring benefit not only to me but to all beings.

Happy Full Moon! May all beings be well and happy!




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