Hidden danger!!!

Most of us, we are aware that processed food is not good for our health, it contained too  much preservative, flavour, sugar, and others harmful ingredients. We know and yet we don’t bother much as we are enjoying the process of eating. We are so attracted by the beautiful packaging and also the advertising messages being displayed seem like the food is so healthy. We are so convinced without thinking twice or even check further.

Some of us, we might give excuses like, “Only occasionally, I am eating processed food. No worries.” However, we forget that we might also consume others unhealthy food in a day. Imagine, in a long run, how much unhealthy food we are actually eating?

When we are sick, then we blame others except to look back on our diet?

Some of my relatives and friends, they had diabetes and under medication. They are still dine out and not mindful on their diet. My cousin, who had diabetes, she is still dine out for breakfast and lunch. My friends still taking soft drink, occasionally chocolate, candies as she think she is under medication and no issue of having little bit of  “sugar”.

I knew processed food contained sugar but I am not sure how much sugar is hidden until this morning. I look at this chart….Wow!

Wow! How much sugar hidden in our food? Are you safe?

Wow! How much sugar hidden in our food? Are you safe?

I am blessed that I don’t take all the food in the chart except 100 plus in very rare occasion. Imagine, you are a lover of all this food, how much sugar you are taking? For sure, soon or later, your body is going to collapse.

A great lesson to learn, beware of hidden danger and be mindful in whatever you are eating. Don’t blame when you are sick!





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