What do you see?

Is it a rose? Is it a shit?

Is it a rose? Is it a shit?

Yesterday, I made Chinese  Organic steamed rose bun and happily I texted my friends, “Rose for you, Happy day!”

Immediately, one of my friend, texted me and mentioned that she saw the steamed bun like “Shit” and not a rose. At the same time, another friend texted me and mentioned, “What a beautiful rose! Thank you!”

Difference people, difference perception even they are looking at the same objects.

It made me to recall one of the well-known story between Su Dongpo and Fo Yin, a Buddhist monk.

Su Dongpo, the famous scholar, one day joined Fo Yin, a Buddhist monk, in sitting meditation.

They meditated for some time before Su Dongpo opened his eyes and asked Fo Yin, “What did you see in me when I was meditating?”

Fo Yin looked at him and nodded in approval, “You looked like a stately Buddha.”

Su Dongpo was very pleased.

After a while, Fo Yin asked Su the same question. Su wanted to make a joke with him, so he said, “You look to me like shit.”

Fo Yin smiled, and did not retort. Su Dongpo felt he had taken advantage of Fo Yin, so he went back home in a good mood, and told his sister, Su Xiaomei about it.

To his surprise, his sister laughed at him for his stupidity.

Su Dongpo did not understand why. Su Xiaomei then explained, “Monk Fo Yin cherishes Buddha in his heart, so in his eyes you looked like Buddha. You said he looked like bullshit. That means your heart is full of shit.”

Whatever we see, we say, we think, it’s all the creation of our mind!

Let’s purify ourselves!

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