Do you get angry in a traffic jam?

Traffic jam is part of our daily routine especially for city folk.

How do you react when you are stuck in traffic jam?

Are you angry? Are you stress? Are you tension?

Are you start to blame and curse others?

Are you lose your temper?

To me, any moment in life is the best and beautiful moment. Traffic  jam is the best test for your patient and loving-kindness. Are you the only one who stuck in the traffic jam? Of course, not. Why not transform our negativity to positivity? Instead of blaming, why not give best blessing to all drivers on the road, “May they be happy.”, “May they drive safely and reach to their destination with happy heart.”

Just transform our thought, We are the happy person wherever we are.

One of my friend stuck in traffic jam, she captured this beautiful photo when she looked up to the sky. Why angry, be happy!

One of my friend stuck in traffic jam, she captured this beautiful photo when she looked up to the sky. Why angry, be happy! Photo courtesy from sis Stella.

A profound teaching from Ajahn Brahm,

“No one can send you to heaven or hell, other than yourself.”



6 responses to “Do you get angry in a traffic jam?

  1. Do you still have the strenght to give other people a blessing when, while driving, they willingly do something wrong, putting your life at risk? This happen to me every single day, because people don’t care about others and just do as they please, and if you complain they will be aggressive and shout at you their own blessings…. which are not positive at all.
    I just wonder how can I cope with this negative attitude of the others. How can I stand to these unfairness?
    I’d like to know your opinion because this situations are very stressful for me, Thank you, Lijiun.

    • Happy day! Of course, we can’t avoid facing negativity from others. However, we can have a choice to select not to be influenced by others. It reminded me that a lotus flower is growing from muddy pond and yet it never affect the beauty of lotus flower. Never let others to control your life, you are the master of your life. Why not take a try, when you are meeting people with negativity energy, give your best blessings as they are live in deep suffering. Imagine, you are only seeing them for a while and they need to face themselves 24 hours a day. A simple wishes and a big smile to them. Cheers!

      • Thank you! This was very helpful. I’ll try to follow your advice.
        But I have another question:
        if they don’t understand that they are doing wrong, and keep on making mistakes, shouldn’t someone tell them?

      • Hi! Of course, we can share with them. However, its depend on the right timing and most important are they ready to listen. Cheers!

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