Do you love your home?

How blessed that I can spend time to observe the beautiful blossom of flowers!

How blessed that I can spend time to observe the beautiful blossom of flowers!

During long weekend holiday, usually people love to check where are you going for holiday?

The common answers might be travelling, sightseeing, go back to hometown, gathering with friends, shopping, dining out and others. Hardly, you’ll hear people saying that they  will stay at home, take a break to rest and relax. Generally, people associate home is so boring and nothing much to do. We love to venture out for excitement and try out new things. We love to keep looking outward to satisfy our senses.

Think about we work so hard to save money to buy a comfortable home and how much time you are spending at home beside sleeping. It’s a long-term commitment to get a house as you are carrying the huge housing loan, sometimes you might need to spend about 20-30 years to pay back all your housing debt.

Since we are paying so much on housing, why not spend some quiet time at home?

My friends love to check with me, “How do you spend your weekend?” Usually, I’ll spend time at home unless I am going for voluntary work. I enjoyed so much at home,  peacefulness and happiness. Times fly at home, without realisation, its already a day gone.

I wake up early to prepare breakfast and lunch for my family. Usually, during weekend, I love to try out new recipe. Its a great fun to continuously learning. I enjoyed the cooking process with my lovely sister. Today, We try a recipe to make Vegan Pumpkin steamed bun. Its taste great even though the appearance of steamed bun was not so good. The whole family are happily enjoyed the hot steamed bun. What a joyful moment!

Besides, I love gardening. I can spend so much time to take care of my lovely plant. Its great to see their growing process and I love to see greenery in my garden. Its so refreshing! Moreover, to take a walk with my lovely cats in garden, its so blessed!

I can spend time to do reading and writing in the peaceful environment at home. When I do chores at home, its the best time to clean the house and also inner purification too . Most of my friends, they are getting maid to help out for the chores. Sis & I insisted that we must do the chores by ourselves. Its a great practice on mindfulness and also good exercise. Best nutrient for body and mind.

Instead of just treating your home as a place to sleep, why not discover the beauty of your home? Instead of keep running out, why not take a closer look?





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