What do you want to pass down to your children…

Today, it was the first time that I cooked macrobiotic food to my friend. One of my schoolmate with her family came to visit us at noon time. She is one of my good friend and I am truly gratitude for her help even after many years. After graduation, whenever I’ve any job interview in city, I’ll stay with her for a while. She was always welcome me with happy heart. I still remember that my friend and her husband even picked me from bus station. It was 20 years ago. Times fly!!!

I spent a lot times to figure out the best menu as they are not vegetarian and might be not use to macrobiotic method of cooking. As such, I put slightly more “flavour” in cooking.

The healthy and balance diet!

The healthy and balance macrobiotic diet!

I also make Organic Vegan gado gado for them to take a try.

So colourful! Fresh Organic vegetables with spicy peanut sauce. So yummy!

So colourful! Fresh Organic vegetables with spicy peanut sauce. So yummy!

When I presented the food to them, the little boy aged about 7 years old immediately shared with his parent that he disliked the food and he wanted to have fried chicken. Of course, his parent kept insisted him to try. I can see and felt that he was really suffering to swallow the food.

This make me to contemplate further why a young boy has so much resistant in taking healthy diet. He love unhealthy food like fried stuffs, fried chicken, fried eggs, pork and others. It’s definitely not his nature as he is still so young and it definitely being influenced by his environment. He is being taught since young on the taste of fried stuffs, meat-eating and others. He assumed all this “Taste” is great and once he taken the macrobiotic food, the real taste of food, he can’t accept due to his strong taste bud.

How important is the role of parent to understand what are you actually feeding your children, nutrient or toxins. How critical for a parent to understand what is right diet as their knowhow will pass over to next generation. How great if we can help our children to build a strong foundation of good health since young!






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