Happy World Vegetarian Day!

Happy World Vegetarian day! May you be well and happy!

Happy World Vegetarian day! May you be well and happy!

Recently, my cousin shared with me that majority of her friends aged above 50 years old are facing health challenges, e.g, heart problem which need bypass, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetics and others. I checked out more information from my cousin on how is their diet and also daily life. Almost all of them are not focusing on taking healthy food, they love to dine out and also eat food which is full of flavouring. It’s so true that if you neglect taking good care of your health, you might face health issues soon or later. Nothing to do with your “luck”, never ask, “Why is me?”. Just sit quiet and reflect on your past diet. You can know the answer easily.

However, even you know the “answer” related to your diet which is causing to your health issues, you might not have any courage to transform your diet due to strong desire  on eating “good food”. My teacher shared with us that some of her terminally illness patient also refuse to change their diet. One of her patient who had stomach cancer, she advised him to cut out from meat-eating and follow macrobiotic diet. Initially, he followed her advise, however once he is slightly better, he texted to teacher and said that he is taking “Organic fish”, “Organic Chicken” and “Organic meat”, he assumed that “Organic” is healthy and forget about he is not supposed to take any meat to cause burden to his body. His cancer relapsed.

If you want your body to be healthy, feed them with healthy and nutritious food. Of course, its excellence if you are able to follow vegetarian diet which is going to bring health benefits. However, please follow the right way and right understanding in preparing vegetarian food. I am blessed that I learned macrobiotic cooking, I’ve a chance to correct my diet and also cooking method to stay healthy.

When a people with vegetarian diet fall ill, people will immediately jump to conclusion that “Even observe vegetarian diet also can get this disease…Luckily I never follow…” People is waiting to condemn. To condemn others are so easy, why not check out the person diet plan and life style? You can understand well why are they get sick and how to heal.

Health is wealth! May you be the wealthiest people!

Happy World Vegetarian day!



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