Start your day with happiness…

Beautiful sunset!

Beautiful sunset!

Yesterday, I was working late in office and I’ve a chance to check out the beautiful sunset. No matter where you are, as long as you are happy, you are always being surrounded by the beautiful scenery especially when you are mindful. You are going to enjoy and celebrate your beautiful life, anytime, anywhere.

One of my colleague asked me, why am I always energetic and keep smiling? My answer is simple, its related to my spiritual practice and also diet. I wake up early to cook with happy heart, enjoy healthy and happy breakfast at home. Besides, I’ll never miss my yoga session and also meditation after my cooking.

Organic vegan food with macrobiotic way of cooking, giving such a good nutrient to nourish my body, meditation is the best food to nourish my mind. I enjoy both important nutrient in the happy morning, its sustain my body energy and happy mind.

I always encourage people to take right food especially for the breakfast, give energy boaster to start your beautiful day. Why not wake up early to enjoy the serenity and peacefulness of morning breeze to feed the best nutrient to your mind through meditation?

When you take good care of your body when you are young, your body will take good care of you when you are old. Learn and practice good healthy lifestyle.

When you are happy and healthy, this is not only benefit to you but to the people surrounding. You are shining positive vibes to others! How great!






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