The Robin Hood cat…

Little Black is venture to be a cat collector since middle of last month. He love to bring home, slipper, shoes, sock, door mat and other little items. Initially, he brought home items at night and we’ve to return to the owner by going door to door. Of course, we take action by quarantine him at night, hopefully he can change and forget about his habit.

We only release him out for a while in the morning. We believe he need a place to breath and also take a walk in our neighbourhood. Let’s Little Black to enjoy his freedom. Every morning before he take a talk, we’ll constantly remind him that, “Good Boy, Please don’t take home anything. We don’t need anything, any gift. Be good!”

The good new is he change from taking slipper or shoes to t-shirt, cleaning cloth, towel and other new items. He is bored with carrying slipper and shoes. It’s a big challenge for us to look for the owner of items.

We change our strategy too. We never scold him but constantly to share with him that we’ve everything at home and we are truly happy with what we’ve. We don’t need any “Gifts”. Besides, we also share the “Law of Karma” with him and also “frightening” hm that someone might catch and dump him too other area. He seems  like “understood” yet he still love to bring home with gifts.

Our happy weekend started with spending quality time in garden with our lovely cats. As usual, we reminded Little Black, not to bring home with any gifts. We were relaxing and practising  yoga, Suddenly….

This was the 1st photo we took, we witnessed how he carried stuffs home.

We saw Little Black with his “gift”……like a “Robin Hood”

He took great effort to carry the dirty cleaning cloth home. How strong he  was!

He took a great effort to carry the dirty cleaning cloth home. How strong he was! Immediately, we returned the cleaning cloth to our neighbour.

We never give-up on him and we strongly believe he’ll transform soon. My sister said, When he is bored, he’ll give up his habit. We are not sure why he love to bring “gift” home, we believe in his world he doesn’t understand “Stealing”… perhaps like catching a prey.

No matter what he did, we love our Robin Hood, Little Black dearly.

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