Are you disturbing the noise?

Sometimes, we might think our emotional is so stable especially during meditation. We are at peace and serenity. The real test is how is our reaction when we are facing life challenges. Are you still in peace? Are you losing temper? Are you shaking by the situation?

On the way home from my vacation, when the plane taking-off, a little boy about 2 years old, he was crying loudly. We believed he was uncomfortable with the air pressure, he didn’t know how to express by words, the only way to express was to cry loudly. His grand parent love him dearly. They did their best to comfort, to attract his attention, to talk, to play with him in order to stop his loudly cry. They don’t want their grand son to disturb other passengers as some of them were slept.

When I heard his crying, I can imagine how discomfort was this little boy, apparently it was his first trip. He was not feeling well and also not use to being trap in such a small space. He is suffering! His eyes were red and swollen. I felt his pain and fear.

I am so compassion and started to play with him in order to attract his attention, so he can temporary let go his discomfort and restless. It’s worked and the little boy gradually stop crying. One of the passenger was annoyed by the little baby crying, she tried to put up her earphone and she released her anger to the passenger at the back who shake her chair with loud scolding voice.

Think deeply! Are you being disturbed by the wind-blowing? Who is open the door (Senses) to welcome the noise?

Think deeply! Are you being disturbed by the wind-blowing? Who is open the door (Senses) to welcome the noise?

Are you disturbing the noise or the noise disturbing you?

Imagine, if you never invite noise to your life and you don’t create any story about it, like disturbing, annoying, stressful and others. You are going to be at peace and ease no matter how noisy is the external environment.

Besides, always put others as priority and think from their perspective. You can feel their pain and sorrow. How can you be any with the little boy?





6 responses to “Are you disturbing the noise?

  1. Wonderful. We as a human must be able to understand other individual and try to establish peace. Peace is eternal and it only gets disturbed sometimes due to our ignorance. Take care.

  2. And that little boy, he was expressing & living his experience perhaps better than any of us. When hungry, I eat. When tired, I take a nap. When on a plane and terrified by the pressure in my ears, I cry …

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