Experience nature with your heart!

I am back from my short vacation. It has been quite a while I never join company trip. It was fun to get together and meet up with colleagues from outstation. We knew each others better through our team building activities.

After finished the official event and activities, I am truly happy that I had a beautiful morning just to spend time with myself. After so much talking and interactive with each others, it was great to have time to settle down and enjoy the beautiful nature in resort in total silent. You can appreciate life better, you see, listen and smell better as you are in present moment.

Before I started my spiritual path especially on meditation, I love to keep talking, make myself busy and feel restless if nothing to do. Thanks to the practice of meditation, I’ve transformed completely.  I love and appreciate the most on quiet time and enjoyed myself much in the nature.


I see better when I am in silent! How peaceful!



A hardworking bee...

A hardworking bee…

Instead of keep talking on “useless and junk” topic, Why not take a walk in nature?

You feel totally refresh and indulge yourself in beautiful nature.

Sharing a profound quote from Ajahn Brahm, ” Rather than philosophising about life, Experience it with your heart!”

Have a beautiful day!

Smile always!


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