Why you aren’t a vegan?

Are you flexible to change your plan?

Are you follow your plan 100%? If there is any changes in your plan, are you willing to make a change with a smile? or sad faces? or angry faces? or start to make complain?

For us, we treat all changes in life is the great opportunity to learn or experience life in a better way. Whatever happen is the best thing in life! Don’t  judge or differentiate by good or bad, keep smiling!

Usually, during weekend, we prefer to enjoy our home-cooked food and it’s the best time for me to practise new macrobiotic recipe. My sister will help out and its great moment to enjoy great bonding. Sometimes, we make changes in our weekend plan, no matter how we spend our weekend, we are always light-hearted and happy.

Yesterday, one of my sister friend shared a newly opening vegan Thai food restaurant. We are so excited that it’s the first vegan Thai restaurant in our area. Both of us, we love Thai Food, however,  most of the Thai Restaurant prepare a very limited choice for vegetarian menu. Finally, our dream come true, a vegan restaurant.

Immediately, we change our plan to dine-out with smiling faces. We would like to support the newly open vegan restaurant and also to try out the vegan restaurant without 5 pungent spices.

The food was awesome, taste authentic Thai even prepare in vegan style. Thumb up to the chef. One of my friend open a Thai Restaurant, I asked her why not prepare a vegetarian menu as the trend is moving towards healthy living and be a vegetarian. Her answer was, “No, I can’t do it. It’s so hard to cook without the 5 pungent spices.” Well, someone put effort, they make this possible. The business is so good, the vegan Thai restaurant full house.

I love one of the quote in the restaurant. So profound!


People love to check with us, why are you be a vegetarian? Of course, at home, We are fully on vegan diet. Occasionally, when we dine out, we might take some food which contain ingredients of eggs and diary.

Ask yourself why you aren’t a vegan?



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