How beautiful is the strawberries! However, once you pressed, it gone....

How beautiful is the strawberries! However, once you pressed, it gone….Photo Courtesy from bro CW

Whenever I read news on Rio Paralympics, I pay my respect to the athletes, even though they are handicap but their spirit and passion is something valuable for us to learn. One of the Paralympics gold medal in our country, he was a hawker before he started his training as athletes. A handicap person rely 100% on their effort to earn a living and live well in society.

It make me to think that some of the young  generation, a normal person with good health, highly educated, they rather than stay at home to rely on their parent instead of working. Most of the excuses given like, “The pay is so low”, “No future career path”, “Nothing can learn.”, “too rigid”, “I am smarter than my boss.”, “So stressful and tension.”, “Too much work.”, “Pay and work is imbalance.”, “I am under pay.”, “I want more….” In the name of “Love”, their parent will continue to support their living even though they are adult and graduated.

This group of people will stay at home, hang around and do nothing. Their parent will feed them with food, comfortable home to stay, pocket-money to spend and others luxury lifestyle. Do you think they want to work hard? Do you think they can handle “Pressure”?

They are just like “strawberries”, once you press the “strawberries”, it’ll be broken. Once you apply slightly “pressure” to them, they are going to tender resignation letter as they can rely on their parent.

I heard many life stories that a fresh graduate refuse to start work and they love to hang around at home and rely on their parent. Think about it, they are not contributing to society by utilising their “knowledge” and a tree also might contributing more than them. Not mentioning to repay kindness to parent.

As a parent, give proper education to your children, never over pampered, please teach them to be gratitude for whatever they are enjoying. It’s so important to understand that it’s not a must to enjoy good life. In animal kingdom, mother will leave their young animals once they are able to look for food. They are not going to live together and take care of their children for life.

Why not give freedom and let go your child? Let them experience the challenges in life in order to be a better person. I believe you don’t want to bring up a little “Strawberries” in your family. Imagine, if you are gone, how can the little strawberries survive in this world?






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