You are your child’s first teacher!

Parent is the first teacher to their children, most important to teach them how to differentiate good or bad, right or wrong and also continuously to ask questions if they are not sure about things. Never stop them from asking questions, never give your negative comment like “You are too young to understand.”, “What a stupid question!”, “You don’t know…”, “Why are you asking this question?”….

The world of children is full of wonder, they are so curious and they want to know more. Their mind is like sponge, they can absorb so much new information.Take this golden opportunity to guide them to be a good person. The best way to guide your children is to lead by example. If you want your child to practice honesty, most important, you must be honest. If you want your child to spend by their mean, you must show them to spend money wisely and never live your life in financial crisis. If you them to buy whatever they need and not want, you must also shown them your shopping pattern. If you want them to love and respect others, you also must show a good example. Your child will copy your action. When you observe them deeply, you see your shadow in them.

One of my friend shared with me that since young, she taught her son that it was not easy to earn money and yet so easy to spend money. She wanted him to understand how to spend his money wisely and also only buying items  that he need. When his son requested her to buy a MacBook, she’ll say “No, our budget is only for a normal laptop. If you want a Macbook, you need to do part-time job and earn money to pay for the difference” Her son treasured so much and take good care on his belonging.

Now, her son is grown up and started his career, he is still practising mindfulness in spending. He’ll only spend whatever he need and not want, he know well on how to live by his mean. Thanks to my friend’s early education and also shown a great example to guide his son.

Build a strong foundation to support the plant, then we can reap the fruit later.

Build a strong foundation to support the plant, then we can reap the fruit later.

Never neglect the early childhood of your children. Build a strong foundation for them to be a good person who can bring happiness and benefit to others.



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