Sleep soundly!

Every day is a new learning day. We can read and learn so much from life story. It gives a  good reminder and make us be a better person. Today, I heard a new that a son continuously borrowed money from loan shark to gamble. This habit started since he was studied in college. He just wanted to get rich fast. In the name of “Love”, his parent settled all his debt and sent him to study abroad with a hope that he is able to transform himself and be a better person.

Unfortunately, he was not learn his lesson, after graduation, he continued gambling and also borrowed loan shark again. His family was being disturbed and threaten by loan sharks. Red paint smears in their house and also flyers about his son’s being distributed in the neighbourhood. His action causing heartbroken to the elderly parent, moreover his father had cancer, the sick father need to bear such harassment and stress which is not going to improve his health.

A wrong thought being associated with “greed”, to get rich fast without hard work, damaged the future of a young man, unnecessary disturbance, fear, worry, stress to his family and causing tension in neighbourhood. How big is the impact of wrong action!

If only through gambling, a person can get rich fast, all casino in the world will be closing down. Never make decision with “greed”, “anger” and “ignorant”, for sure, your decision will not be wise. Always think about impact of your action, are you brining happiness or suffering to yourself and others?

What a blessed life if we can sleep soundly every night!

What a blessed life if we can sleep soundly every night!

Why not earn our living, honestly? We can sleep soundly at night!

A profound Chinese Proverb, “If you’ve done nothing wrong, you shouldn’t worry about devils knocking at your door in midnight.”

Live life freely!






2 responses to “Sleep soundly!

  1. I think earning money without working can be very appealing but people need to realize how unrealistic that is. My coworker keeps talking about winning the lottery so she can quit her job. I keep telling her that she should come up with a better plan.

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