If not now, when?

Some of us, we love to use the reason of ” for your benefit”, we “force” others to  follow our way of living, religion, diet, preferences, exercise and others. We never check whether our action going to bring happiness or suffering to other’s life. We are blindly to in still our believe to others.

Today, I heard a case from my friend which broken my heart. An elderly single grandma aged about 90 years old, she is a Buddhist and being a vegetarian for more than 60 years. Recently, her health was deteriorating, so her younger brother brought her home and started to take care of her. I rejoiced for this kind action as we are offering our helping hand. My friend continued her sharing,  recently the elderly grandma refused to intake any food and she wanted to end her life. They are shocked why the elderly grandma wanted to end her life.

They found out that the sister-in-law refuse to cook vegetarian food for this elderly grandma and “force” her to start meat-eating. Just imagine, you are actually asking a cat who love to eat “fish”, to start taking vegetables, how can the cat swallow the food? Even for myself, only being a vegetarian for 6 years, whenever my neighbour cooking meat curry or frying fish or even frying food with garlic, I just can’t stand the smell and want to vomit.


Why are we forcing the elderly grandma to change her diet in the name of for her “benefits”? Why not look deeply in our action, are we bringing happiness or suffering to her life? Moreover, the family is constantly convinced and persuaded the elderly grandma to convert and enjoy “future life” in heaven. Imagine, our action already put the elderly grandma in hell. Instead of, looking forward for heaven in future, why not live in heaven now?

I always believe that compassion must come together with wisdom, look deeply in our action and also put ourselves in other shoes. If the same situation happen to you, are you happy? Are you sad? Are you depressed?

Many types of flowers to enhance the beauty of nature. No conflicting!

Many types of flowers to enhance the beauty of nature. No conflicting! Are we learning from nature?

Just look around us, the beautiful nature is full of many types of flowers, plants, trees and others. This is the good learning lesson. Moreover, let’s respect and accept on other’s believe. Live well now, you are definitely going to live well in future!

If not NOW, when?


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