Little Black, the collector…

Everyday is a new learning day! A lot things, you never hear, see or experience, it doesn’t mean that not exist. As such, we must be always accept new thing with open-heart, look at things in new perspectives, full of positive attitude and believe whatever happen to us is the best thing in life. All challenges we are facing in life, definitely help us to become a better person.

Little cat has such a powerful strength! We are continuously "educate" him, not to do it and what is the consequence of action!

Little cat has such a powerful strength! We are continuously “educate” him, not to do it and what is the consequence of his action! We believe he can understand.

Recently, our lovely little Black has adopted a new hobby as a “collector”, he love to bring home shoes and slippers from neighbour house. We are amazed that with his little body, he has strength to carry such heavy items. Every time, when he take home something at middle of the night, he’ll definitely shouted loudly to my father, seem like saying, “Hey! Dad, I brought home something. See, how smart I am!” We believe that to him, it’s just like a “gift” to us.  As such, we keep sharing with him that we don’t need any gifts and he shouldn’t carry things without permission, it considered “Steal”.  His action will cause unhappiness and suffering to others. We don’t believe in scolding, “beating” or any punishment. Let’s talk and educate him patiently.

Amazing collection items from Little Black!

Amazing collection items from Little Black!

We took an effort to check online and I even called up our Vet whether any counselling or any other method we can use to stop his habit. Vet advised us to “Quarantine” him at night for a while until he “forget” his habit. We followed the advise from Vet.

At the same time, we need to find the owner of the slippers and shoes. Initially, we’ve posted in our neighbourhood group chat, however, no one redeemed. My parent is so worry our neighbour will hit our lovely Little Black for his action. They try to ask us not to share the truth. We know our parent love Little Black dearly, however, we don’t believe in hiding the truth, we must be honest and apologise for our cat’s behaviour.

This evening, we went to our neighbour’s house one by one which we suspected the slippers and shoes might belong to them. We shared with them what happened and also shown them the shoes. They were so surprised that a little cat will also do such an act. After a few house visit, finally we were able to return the slippers to the owner. We kept apologise for “Little Black” misbehaved and we are glad that our neighbour was so friendly and even said “Thank you” as we took an effort to return the slippers. She was also amazed that the little cat has such a strength to carry slippers. We mentioned to her that in future, if she lost any slippers or shoes, do drop by our house to check just in case.

We are still need to look for the owner of the “Puma” sport shoes. We will continue our action again. What I’ve learned in this incident are to be honest, sincerely apologise for wrong action and people will not get angry. No point to hide the truth and affect our peaceful mind. It’s a great test to see whether we are keeping our precepts.









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