Beautiful lesson from ant bites!

We might be very familiar and know the meaning of “Life is full of uncertainty.” The real test is how do you react when you are facing uncertainty in life. Are you going to accept or reject with self blame and blame others?

Last Saturday, I was watering my lovely plant in my garden. Suddenly, I felt the severe pain on my foot, immediately I saw a red ant bites. He was really biting with full strength. What I did was to release him to the ground gently. I am grateful that I am still able to practice compassion in such a “painful” moment.  I can’t penalize the little red ant with death sentence for my foot pain. I treasured his life too. Perhaps, I am too mindful in watering and never observe there were red ants crossing. The red ants might “think” I was penetrated in their territory.

The pain has gone in a while and I never pay any attention. The next day, I felt severe pain on my second and last toes. Initially, I thought I might injure my toes with foot massager. A while later, the foot was swollen and in great pain. I knew it was the reaction from the red ant bites, I am allergy to the venom.

Of course, I started my natural healing with applying silver water and silver gel. However, situation is getting worst. I consulted my macrobiotic friend, he shared with me to take Organic Kale juice together with Miso soup to release the toxin.

I also went to pay a visit to western medical doctor as there were 3 blisters on my foot and I wanted his help to release the fluid from the blisters. The doctor shared with me that “I am allergy to the ant bites and this caused severe swollen on my foot.” He said he’ll prescribe a medicine which can relieve the allergy immediately. Perhaps, just 1 to 2 pill, I can recover. I mentioned that no need medicine. He insisted and said, without medicine, the swollen might spread to other part of body. Well, I took the medicine home and start searching online. Apparently, it was “steroid”. Of course, I am not going to take it even though I am in pain, itchy and discomfort. I know well that my body is working hard for recovery. Imagine, if I take “steroid”, how much damage it cause to my body and I might need to take a very long time to remove the “toxin” from my body.

A great test in life. Are you practicing what you believe when you are in pain?

A great test in life. Are you practicing what you believe when you are in pain? 

It’s better to depend on natural healing and have trust on our immune system, it slightly slower yet no side effect and damage to body. My choice is right, the swollen foot is gradually subside, the pain and itchiness is getting lesser.

Have faith in your immune system and aways check the medicine prescribed, it’s so easy to check online. Please check out the side effect before you decide to take it. Usually, the side effect list is longer than the cure.





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