Do nothing…

Most of us, we are so busy in our daily routine life. We’ve so many roles to play, e.g. daughter, son, mother, father, sister, brother, superior, subordinate, volunteer, pet owner, gardener, chef, friends, relatives, counsellor, consultant and others. All this roles require our patience and sometimes, we might receive tremendous pressure if we don’t know how to handle. If we are unable to handle well, it might trigger our emotional stability, we might be just like a glass of shaking water and hard to be at peace.

As you are carrying so many roles, imagine if you glass of water is keep shaking, you are going to shake other’s too. As such, please learn how to maintain your happiness and peacefulness anytime and anywhere. One of the good remedy is we must have enough rest and relax, when we are lacking of sleep or quality of sleep, it’s so easy for us to lost our temper.

For me, I am extremely busy during weekdays as I wake up at 5 am to prepare breakfast and lunch for my family before go to office. Of course, I enjoy the art of cooking, without good quality food, we can’t sustain good health and mind. We are what we eat. As such, I treasure the most on weekend and very seldom to go out except to be volunteer or going for classes.  I love to spend time at home to get good rest and relax. Weekend is the best time to rejuvenate and recharge our energy.

Some of us, we love to plan a series of activities during weekend, we make ourselves superb busy, we drown our senses for keep looking for”Good Food”, Keep “talking” for rubbish content which not bringing benefit to you and others, Keep watching “content” which sow more “Negative” seeds to our mind, keep listening to “Gossip”, Keep seeing the new arrival which create more “want” to our life … Why are we keep feeding “Negative” nutrient to our senses?

Happy and relaxing moment with Miss Mimi in garden!

Happy and relaxing moment with Miss Mimi in garden!

Why not spend a quiet weekend to have a total rest and relaxation?

How nice that we can spend time to sleep when we are sleepy, to cook and eat quality of food, to spend precious time with love one, take a walk in nature, read a good book which bring benefits to all beings….

Let’s go for a relaxing weekend, plan nothing and do nothing. Enjoy the total freedom in life! Feel the difference!









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