What is loving-kindness?

Its like watering a plant, we must know when to give more water, how to watering... If not the plant will die!

Its like watering a plant, we must know when to give more water, how to watering… If not the plant will die!

Sometimes, when we are too “kind” to others, people might total neglect your kindness and assume whatever you are doing is a must. Your kindness might make them forget about “gratitude” and make them assume they deserve. Of course, loving-kindness is a must to all beings, however not to destroy a person life in the name of “Kindness”.

A simple example, if we are over pamper our children, hardly for them to learn  independent. They can’t even take care of themselves, not to mention to others. They assume they deserve the best and they are using this attitude in their social and working life. In the name of “love”, a lot of youngster over pamper by their parent, some of them not even know “How to tie shoe lace?”, “How to pump petrol?”, “How to settle utilities bill?”, “How to cook?”, “How to do housework?”, “How to say “Thank you!”? They can’t survive well without their parent.

Some of the parent will continue to support their children financially even after they are working. What will happen? They’ve a tendency not to last long in their career. They prefer to constantly  look for new job as they are assuming the treatment from their company is not good as the pay is low and they deserve a higher salary. They are only looking at things from their perspectives, they want high pay yet never ask whether are they excel in career. They blame their “Salary” not able to support their lifestyle as they live beyond their mean. Imagine a person only earn USD$ 1,000 and yet live like a person earn USD $ 4,000. Is it the salary issue? or we need to live by our mean.

If you love your children dearly, please teach them human values, moral, ethics, gratitude, honesty, integrity, this is the biggest gift to your children and also to the society. Practise our loving kindness with wisdom and not blindly!



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