Embrace the difference…

Our three little jewels at home!

Our three little jewels at home! Little Black, Miss Mimi and Miss Sisi, they are from difference background, species, age and no blood relation. However, they live harmony with each others. They love each others dearly.

Little Black, the gentlemen at home always take care of his younger sister. If any of the neighborhood cat try to bully his sisters, he’ll protect them. What a great example of brother and sisterhood!

We enjoyed the most when they are playing in garden. They give us so much laugher and shine unconditional happiness to us. They are so pure, genuine and full of love!

Our lovely cats shown us a great example of how to accept each others, live harmony and happily under a roof. Some of us, as a human, we can’t accept each other with open heart. We do our best to change others in order to follow our way of living and thinking in the name of “loving-kindness”.

Think about it, if you are seriously love others, why not accept who they are, instead of “Force” them to change? When we use “Force”, we create “fear”, “tension”, “worry”, “Stress” and all negativity. Ask yourself, are you bringing “happiness” or “Suffering” in others life?

I learned a beautiful lesson from my 3 little jewels, accept and respect all beings with open heart. It’s too boring to live in a monotonous world, accept and embrace the difference.


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