How blessed you are!

How blessed to have a meal! Be gratitude!

How blessed to have a meal! Be gratitude!

Some of us, we love to complain about “insufficient” in our life even though we’ve food to eat, home to stay, plenty of beautiful clothes to wear, healthy body, latest gadget, modern appliances and others. We might own so many stuffs, yet we are complaining instead be gratitude.

Recently, I read an article about an elderly couple. I am so compassion with what they go thorough in life, my eyes are full of tears after reading their story. This couple has two children, a son and a daughter. They had a simple and happy life. However, their daughter had blood cancer and passed away in year 2000. The father was badly affected by this incident and he lost his mind. He is no longer a normal person and he had mental illness as too sad for his daughter’s death. In year 2005, their only son passed away in a car accident.

What a great impact to this couple! How sad and depressed they are! They lost their greatest love in life! However, the elderly aunty still be strong to support her husband medical fees and expenses by selling fruits to earn little income.

Lately, she can’t work anymore as she had kidney problem, there is no income for this family and they are using their saving. Of course, their saving is keep deteriorating as no income. The saving only left, USD$ 3. My eyes are full of tears when I knew, they just spend USD$ 0.30 for their breakfast, sharing a packet of fried noodle. In the late afternoon, they had white rice with fried egg. They try to have late lunch in order to skip dinner, so their saving can last longer.

Luckily, they are a group of residents who care about them and shared their story to seek help from public. Of course, we are giving our helping hand and doing our best to share their story with others. Hopefully, we can aid their financial needs.

Always be grateful and not to complain about your life. Be contended!

Always show your loving kindness and get ready your helping hand to whoever need help!

Our best blessings to the elderly couple, our heart and support  is always with them!

May they be well and happy!





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