Pour out your water…


What do you see in this beautiful flowers? It shown well on birth, aged, sick and death! How great is nature! Always our great master!

Do you experience that even though we are reading the same book yet our interpretation and net take way is so much difference?

Simple thing like the same sentences we are reading, yet it bring different meaning to our life! All this link with our past experience, perspectives and angle of life. Perhaps the best way to read is see everything like it is and don’t add in your judgement.

If we persist that whatever we know is the best, there is no way we can improve and enhance our life. Our attitude is just like a full glass of water, no room to take additional water, so the water will be flowing out. Nothing we can absorb and no way we can learn new stuffs. Some of the people are so stubborn and insist so much on their wrong perception in life. They assumed whatever they know is the best! Even though, they are at wrong. They still find a ton of excuses to prove they are taking the right action.

Why not we say sorry and admit if we made error in life? Why should we so insist on our “wrong” view? Most probably, we can’t let go our ego and its so hard to say “sorry”. Besides, it’s a great challenge to accept our error.

I am so much appreciating to learn and absorb new things in life. To me, teacher is everywhere, anything, anyone, wherever, you can learn new stuffs. Always remember that whatever you learn is not only benefit to you yet you are going to bring benefits to people surrounding. You are not only enhance your life yet others too. Imagine, if you insist on your “wrong” views, you are going to bring “harm” to surrounding.

Why not start anew or just like a baby when you are reading, attend any class, observe nature, working and others?

Cut out your invisible string and free yourself!

Let’s continue our life long learning and bring benefits to surrounding!



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