What love is…

Our deepest gratitude to our lovely Miss Si Si for teaching us, What love is...

Our deepest gratitude to our lovely Miss Si Si for teaching us, What love is…

Are you sharing loving kindness with people surrounding?

Are you saying “hello”, “Thank you”, ” I love you” from deep of your heart or for the sick of saying?

Are you really mean by what you are expressing?

You can sense easily for people who say out 100% from their heart. They are shining their deepest love and the best blessing to you.

Do you have any puppy, dog or cats at home? Say for a puppy, when you are home, they’ll welcome you with full hearted and this is called “Love”.

Every morning, when I wake up, Miss Si Si will definitely wait for me the entrance of my room. She’ll say hello in “meow”. I’ll hug her and say “Miss Si Si is a good good girl.”. I know well that she is expressing her genuine Love. What an energised way to start a beautiful day!

Besides, Little Black will also welcome us back from work. Usually, he love to touch our forehead and express his love to us. It’s so genuine and it’s always touch and warm our heart even though we are in difference form.

We are grateful to all this little teacher in life to share what love is. We are giving the whole hearted loving kindness to people surrounding. Our thought and action is in line.

According to HH Sri Sri Ravi Shanker,

“As far as love is concerned, a thousand words cannot equal one glance, and a million glances cannot equal a moment of silence, one moment of that inner connection. That is love! You are made up of a substance called love and everything in the world is made up of that one thing called love.”

Give your love to others with full hearted! Only when you are truly present, you can give your genuine and full hearted love!


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