Happy day!

Whatever we learn, we are going to bring benefit to ourselves and also others. I love to share whatever I learn with others. Last Sunday, I learned how to bake Organic Coconut cookies by following macrobiotic way and also how to make a cup of Chicory coffee latte (Replace milk by rice milk).

I am eagerly to share with my colleagues. Yesterday, after working, I went to get all my ingredients ready and started baking even though at night. I hope whoever enjoy the vegan biscuits can chew properly and enjoy the authentic taste of food. Basically, the cookies taste awesome even though without milk, butter and sugar. It’s only our perception and also habit to assume that tasty and delicious cookies must bake with butter and sugar.

The reason I am baking the vegan coconut cookies even though late night because it’s the best match for the organic Chicory latte (no caffeine). I hope my colleagues can enjoy the best food combination with the nice serving. This morning,  I boiled organic rice milk and put in the Thermos container, brought coffee cups, yummy and delicious coconut cookies, chicory powder to office.

What a great way to start a beautiful day!

What a great way to start a beautiful day!

I love to write a note message with my best blessings to my colleagues. What a simple way and yet can bring so much happiness in the beautiful morning! It’s a great way to start work with positive energy!

I believe positive energy can shine and spread to surrounding. What a great way to shine loving kindness and also positivity!

My colleagues loved the Vegan biscuit, however they try their best to accept the Chicory coffee as not taste like coffee but full of nutrient.

A simple act can enhance human relationship and also change the energy field surrounding you! I enjoyed to see their smiling faces !

What an awesome day!




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