falling leaves…

Every weekend, I treasure the quiet time to do yoga in my garden. I can walk in bare foot, to be connected with mother of earth. Most important, I enjoy the fresh and cool air, beautiful singing tunes from birds and other insects, warming sunlight and also being accompany by our loving cats. What a beautiful moment!

Every time, I learn a new lesson from nature. When you are quiet, be at present moment and get connected with nature, you can observe many profound life lesson. This morning, during my yoga time, I observed the leaves were falling down from the trees. You can’t predict which leaf will fall, whether yellow, brown, green or any colour and also when. It’s the same in our life, we can’t predict when are we going to leave this world. Death is not meant for old and aging people, it can happen to anyone of us, irrelevant or age, race, sex, skin colour, rice or poor, pretty, power and others element. No one can escape from death. As such, don’t procrastinate in your life, honour your promise, do what you want to do. We might not even have a chance for regret.

Any thought comes to your mind when you are look at this photo?

Any thought comes to your mind when you are look at this photo?

This is the best description of life, you don’t know what is happening in next second of life. Treasure now, live at now! When you are live well now, you are going to live well in future too!

Happy weekend!


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