You can be a good parent…

We always tied up string to let our plant to grow neat and accordingly in our garden!

We always tied up string to let our plant to grow neat and accordingly in our garden! It can grow well and look healthy too!

My father always put effort to take care the young plant in our garden, he’ll put up string to support and  to ensure the it can grow well and strong. So we can enjoy good fruits and also benefits to other beings like the happy bee was collecting nectar.

This make me to think about how important is the role of parent. How are we educating our children? Are we giving them guidance in life? Nowadays, both parents are working and they are busy to take care of their career. Usually, they will pass the role of taking care and educating their children to their maid or nanny. Sometimes, children are closer to their foreign maid instead of their parent. To compensate the lack of time to accompany their children, parent might use “Money or material wealth” to compensate their absence. For children who grow up in such an environment, they are lack of love and also hunger for love. Some might even lost their direction and also misunderstanding the value of life, they might no even know what is moral shame and moral shy,

How important to spend time to give unconditional love and also proper guidance to your children to follow the right path and be a good person who can shine positivity and bring benefits to people surrounding! The best teaching is to shown a great example. Usually, the behaviour and action carry out by a child is the best reflection of parent. One of my teacher shared with us that she never scold her child as the more you scolded, the more they will never listen to your advise. She’ll pick up rubbish from the floor, help people to across the road, give way to people while driving, always honour her promise… Throughout the year, the child just copy all these good qualities from his mother and he is doing the same. Action is always stronger than words! Lead by example! Never Talk only and no action!

The child who grow up in “lack of love” environment will always look for security, seek for attention, looking for others compliment and acknowledgement. As such, don’t sacrifice your children by giving excuses as “I am working hard to earn good income for you to enjoy good life.” Money can’t compensate the quality time to get together. Don’t be regret and always remember to bring up a good people! We need more good people to shine good energy in this beautiful world!






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