The cloud in the sky is constantly change...Nothing withhold for the same shape or pattern! Learn from nature, let go the past and start anew!

The cloud in the sky is constantly change…Nothing withhold for the same shape or pattern! Learn from nature, let go the past and start anew!

How do you react when someone treat you badly and also abuse you?

Are you thinking of revenge? Keep grudges? Keep complaining? and continuously to carry the heavy burden with you.

The invisible burden will definitely hurt you again and again, your mind is full of negative thoughts of revenge, blaming, “Why me?”… and others.

Sometimes, it so hard to let go the past and forgive others for their ill will and faults. We prefer  to torture ourselves continuously instead of “forgiveness”. All negativity energy will only move us far from happiness, freedom and peacefulness. Is it what we want? Past is gone for long and nothing much you can do. Why not let go?

Today, my teacher shared a very touching story about her life. She was born in a big, rich and conservative families. The family follow one of the Chinese culture that only give full love to male and treat female as second class citizen. One the tragic and sadden incident happened was my teacher’s mother gave birth to a baby girl after 2 consecutive birth also were girls. The grandma without asking any permission, she took away the new-born baby girl without gave a chance to my teacher’s mother to hug and feed her. She damp the baby girl in front of the church. The sadness news was the baby girl passed away in 2 weeks time. How horrible!

My teacher recalled this incident clearly even after many years and it gave her a nightmare in life. She hatred her grandma for her cruelty and also blame her parent for not able to protect her younger sister. She told us, during her childhood,  as a female, they were only stood and watch the male to enjoy their meal. They were not allowed to sit together for any meal and the food was left over by male, then only they can take. It’s so miserable! We addressed this as “Child abuse” now.

My teacher shared with us that she carry this “hatred” for many years and she was not living in a happy life. It was so challenge for her to enjoy peaceful life. Only at the age of 50 years old, finally she let go and “forgive” her grandma, parent and let go the past of the “abused” childhood. She feel so relieved as like release from invisible prison.

She mentioned that she can die anytime as no regret in her life as she totally let go her past and live at present.

I am so touched with her perseverance and shown us a great example that to forgive others and this is the best way to treat ourselves as we are willing to release ourselves from the invisible prison!

I am grateful to my teacher for sharing such a profound lesson in life!



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