Are you a trusted friend?

Let's be a trusted friend who can bring fragrance to surrounding! Shine your positivity!

Let’s be a trusted friend who can bring fragrance to surrounding! Shine your positivity!

Have you ever experience when you are surrounded by sandalwood, your clothes will get the smell of sandalwood?

How about when you are surrounded by stinky smell? Your clothes will smell stinky too.

We are easily to be influenced by surrounding environment if we don’t have strong faith and we don’t know what is our purpose of life. We don’t even know how to differentiate what is right or wrong? What is wholesome or unwholesome? What is moral shame and moral shy? What is the important value in life?

Since young, my mum kept shared with us to study hard, so we can always be in good class, we can get a chance to hang around with bright, hardworking, good virtue classmates. My mother has strong believe that it’s really important to mingle with good manner and kind virtue friends as it’ll influence us to be good people too.

The teaching of Buddha emphasised “The trusted friends is the best relatives.” Rather be in solitude than mixed with “Bad thoughts” friends as they are going to influence us to be “Bad” people and we might also carry out unwholesome action.

Young people are easily to be influenced in materialistic as most of their friends are living in material world. They are paying highest respect to “Money” as they believe money can solve everything and also buy everything they love. Most commonly, their topics are related to branded stuffs, how to get rich boy friends, how to live in a world of materialistic, what is the latest fashion, what is the latest trend…. Majority of topics are related to me, mine and I, all focus about themselves and how to seek attention from external to get fame and recognition. They associate “Happiness” with “external stuffs” , “appearance”, “Recognition”, “Compliment” and others.

How sad if we need to get recognition and affirmation from external in order to be happy! Why are we need to associate happiness with external factor? Do you need to find a reason to be happy?

Instead of focus of only “Myself”, why not shift the focus to “us”? How can we help others and bring happiness and smiling faces to others?

As such, we must be mindful when selecting friends in life. Appreciate your kind virtue and trusted friends and keep a “distance” with those “Bad thoughts” friends. Always aim to be the “trusted” friend to others and continue to shine your positivity!







4 responses to “Are you a trusted friend?

  1. LiJiun, I am so glad I found your blog! I come here first every morning, and feel you help start my day right. You leave a beautiful fragrance in my day! ❤️

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