be mindful…

Why not preserve the public area like your house?  How peaceful to look at such a nice and clean pond!

Why not preserve the public area like your house? How peaceful to look at such a nice and clean pond! Why not share this happiness with more people? Photo courtesy from Sis Arina

Most of us, we are always in hurry, in the name of busyness, to save time, we are not living at present moment. Even though, we are handling a task now, our mind might just wander in future with lots of plan. Our body and mind always not at one. As such, we don’t know what is happening now and also we are always “Forget” about things.

My friend shared one of the incident that he went to toilet and discover someone not flush toilet. He started to complain and mention that why a person can be not responsible. My explanations were people might flush the toilet but they never check whether the toilet bowl is clean or not. It might happen as people in hurry and they totally forget to flush toilet. Instead of frustration, angry, why not take this as a good lesson to remind ourselves be mindful in whatever we are doing?

If you are in hurry, you are intended to make more error. Instead of going settle things faster, you might take longer time to correct your error. Think deeply, how do you spend 1-2 minutes which you save from your previous action? Why do you need to be in hurry?

I am grateful to one of my teacher, he shared with us that whatever he was travelling and stay in any hotels. The next morning, he’ll put back everything in original place when he left the room. The room is as clean as no one stay before. This action gave a big impact and reminder in my life. Even though, we are paying the room rate, however we must always remember that the cleaner of the room. Why can’t our little action make a slight relief in his/her job?

Always think of the next users, do you want to give him/ her a smile or sad faces? As such, be mindful and be details in little things like after using the tools, please put back to the original place, using a public toilet, it just like you are using your house toilet… There is no differentiation. “I pay as such I can do whatever I want…”

Why not start to be mindful in your daily life and always put others as “priority”? See them as you, treat public area like your house…. You are going to make a difference and bring happiness to everyone.

Happy Sunday!






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