Beautiful act…

What a great moment to spend time with our lovely animal friends!

What a great moment to spend time with our lovely animal friends!

I am so rejoice when I see people and animal friends can get along so well. The more time you spend to observe animal friends, the more great lessons you learn in life. A lot of time, our animal friends really touched our heart with their genuineness and purity. Our animal friends never go for proper education and they shown us kindness, compassion, loving kindness from their heart naturally. This is their built-in DNA.

Recently, I heard a touching story that a female bird being hit by a car and she screamed for help. Usually, birds are fly in pairs like husband and wife. When the male bird heard the screaming, he flew down and he did his best to save his companion, he was trying to feed her with water, food, and even he tried his best to carry and moved her. However, there was no response from the female bird as she was dead. The male bird screaming loudly to seek help to rescue his lover. He was devastated for the sudden lost in life!

I am so touched when I heard this story! The bird shown us the beautiful lesson in life on loving-kindness and caring. Are we doing the same? Are we giving unconditional love to all beings?

Sometimes, you might also see the mother love from cats towards their kitten. The mother cat will do her best to protect and love her kitten until they become independent. A great example of unconditional love like mother love their child. However, it’s truly sad to see baby being dumped nearby public area, rubbish bin and others. Why are we behave worst than our animal friends and we love to claim we are more intelligent than them?

Why not spend some quiet time to observe the beautiful act from animals world!!!




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