The act of observation…

I love to observe my lovely cats play together, they are just like a happy family even though they are from difference background, difference age group, difference skin colours and no blood relationship. Now, Little Black is our elder cat and he has been adopted and brought home by Little White about 4 years ago. Even though, Little White was no longer around, he was lost about 2 years, Our best blessing to him whatever he is. and no blood relationship.

Later, Miss Mimi was adopted and also brought home by Little Black during Chinese New Year eve, 2 years ago, she was only 700 gram and now 4,200 gram. She is a pretty cat lady now. Little Black is learning from Little White, to be compassion. Follow by, Miss SiSi, she just came to our house a month before Chinese New Year this year. She acted like our family members, so loving and close to us. Of course, She refuse to get out from our house and we just adopted her in our happy family.

We are truly blessed and celebrate our best moment of life with 3 little cats. They are our little teacher and always bring reminder to us to be a better people.

They can live together, share accommodation, food, play together and become best brother and sister. How loving!

They can live together, share accommodation, food, play together and become best brother and sister. How loving!

Little Black is showing us a great example of acceptance and sharing, he can share everything he has in life with Miss Mimi and Miss Sisi. He accepted them with open heart and he love them dearly. One of the neighbourhood stray cat try to bully Miss Mimi and when Little black heard about Miss Mimi’s streaming. Immediately, he run and rescued his lovely sister and chased away the stray cat. He know how to protect his dearest family members.

Little Black can understand our language and we always ask him to share our message to his young sisters who can’t understand our language well. Little Black is our interpreter. We are extremely happy to see 3 of our dearest cats can stay together and share everything with each others. This is a great lesson for everyone, why can’t we accept others with open heart? Why can’t we share our wealth with others? Why are we keep differentiating between, you and me? How about us? Why can’t we love others unconditionally? Why are we keep forcing others to be like us?

Little Black, Miss Mimi and Miss SiSi, our little Bodhisattva always shown us how to love and respect others unconditionally. Don’t ever discriminate and look down on our animal friends, they know how to love as compare to some of us.

Spend time, observe them and you are going to learn the most from time which going touch and melt your heart.

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