sow good seeds…

How do you feel when you look at the green trees?

How do you feel when you look at the green trees?

It’s truly refreshing!!! We feel so calm and peace when you are walking under the shade of trees, a beautiful painting from nature.

Have you ever express gratitude to someone who sow a seed and we can enjoy the greeneries? Everything start from a tiny seed. Imagine, if no one willing to put effort to sow seeds, are you able to enjoy the fresh and windy air, and also the nice shade which can block from the heat.

“Why other not doing?”

“Why must I plant a tree?”

“I might not enjoy the shade even I plant a tree?”

Your little effort will definitely bring so much benefit to surrounding and also all beings. When you are taking right action, why are you comparing with others? Why should we be care if others not doing the same? Why not start from ourselves? Let’s us be the role model.

I use “sow a seed” theory in my daily life. Whenever, I meet with my friends, I am sharing the benefit of meditation and invite them to start the practice as this is the best food to our mind. I am only sharing and I am not upset if they never take up the practice. I always remember that when we sow seeds, whether the seeds will sprout will depend so much on cause and conditions. I read article that  some of the seeds can sprout even after thousand years when conditions are right. Just continue to sow good seeds.

Recently, one of my friends texted me and said he will join the beginner meditation class after I shared with him more than a year plus. I am truly happy that a good seed is sprouting when time is right. As such, don’t talk “Rubbish” when you are hang out with others, share good words, good virtues, shine positive vibes and always sow good seeds.



2 responses to “sow good seeds…

  1. I just found out my son is getting divorced. Over dinner yesterday I gave him my opinions on certain matters and left it at that, but my wife was very forceful about getting him to change his plans and was later upset with me for being “weak” and not trying harder to convince him to change his mind. I felt that telling him my opinion was like planting a seed and then just letting him know that I was there for him gives it time to grow. My wife wanted me to over water it in hopes that it would grow instantly like Jack and the beanstalk.

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