Yeah…I am heal

Miss Mimi is sick since Mar as her right face was swollen, she went through minor surgery and also detail diagnosis in Vet hospital to find out the root cause. She had severe fungal infection and she was with her e-collar since then to protect her to scratch her open wound.

In order to get her to recover, we’ve consulted Holistic Vet besides using drug to heal the  sporotrichosis. We brought a few supplement which is consuming by human plus Vetri DMG to boast up her immune system while taking the drug. Advise from Holistic Vet, drug is effective to heal sporotrichosis.

Our family members will have difference role to take care of Miss Mimi, my role is to feed her medicine and also vitamins, my sister is to help to clean her open wound in her face with silver water  and apply Silver first aid gel and my father is taking care of her diet, accompany her to have a walk in garden and to clean her up. To give unconditional love and support to Miss Mimi for her recovery.

Our Vet also shared with us, some of the cats can’t heal even under drugs.  Today, we brought Miss Mimi for Vet consultation, to be safe, the Vet shaved the fur on her face to ensure 100% heal from fungal. According to the Vet, sometimes, it might look heal on outside appearance and inside is not heal. We are blessed that Miss Mimi is fully recovered. However, the Vet also ask us to monitor Miss Mimi as fungal might be relapsed.

The first thing  when Miss Mimi was home, she is busily to clean herself as she can't do it for the past 4 months... She is still cleaning up to now, more than an hour...

The first thing when Miss Mimi was home, she is busily to clean herself as she can’t do it for the past 4 months… She is still cleaning until now, more than an hour…

Hi! Everyone, I am well again. Thank you for all your kind wishes.

Hi! Everyone, I am well again. Thank you for all your kind wishes. May all beings who are sick can be well and healthy again.

We are grateful to Miss Mimi as we’ve learned to be patience, to care and to love unconditionally. Miss Mimi also shown us how strong is her surviving spirit, besides, medicine, vitamins, it’s her will to live. Initially, every 2 weeks, we brought her to visit Vet, for sure she’ll urinate in the carrier as too stressful and her little body is shaken. However, she was improved so much in the last 3 visits, no longer shaken and urinate in the carrier. A little cat also transform in life, we must learn and transform. Become a better person and constant improvement in your life.

Happy weekend!




8 responses to “Yeah…I am heal

  1. This is such good news! I’m so happy for Miss Mimi! And I love to read of the care and kindness each of you has shown for her to help her heal. ❤️ 🐈

    • Much appreciated for your kind wishes to Miss Mimi. We do our best and Miss Mimi is such a good girl with strong spirit. Cheers!

  2. I am delighted to learn that your dear Miss Mimi has rallied so well from her illness and has managed a complete recovery–with your excellent love and care. They are both essential elements for good health!

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