Highest blessing in life…

Miss Mimi is sick since Mar and hopefully she can recover soon from fungal infection. Health is wealth!

Miss Mimi is sick since March and hopefully she can recover soon from fungal infection. Health is wealth!

Sometimes, we might neglect to count our blessings when we are healthy. We might assume a healthy body is a must. We might also abuse our body by not taking right diet, over stress, overeating, find excuses for not exercise, sleep at midnight and make our body over exhausted. Our body system is so intelligent and always look for a best way to balance up until one day, it collapsed totally. The time we called “SICK”.

Some of us, we might take immediate action to review our lifestyle, diet and others. Some might refuse to do anything by continuously to take fast remedy by consuming antibiotics, drugs, steroids to further bring damage to our body system.

In this era, we can easily to access any information by fingertips, unfortunately the rate of disease like diabetics, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, cancer are still remain high. All this disease is definitely related to your diet and lifestyle.

Today, Sis & I accompany my mother to government hospital for regular check up. We are shocked to see so many people are sick, no more seating and also standing space in the hospital. sick hardly we can pass through, the situation was like “Great Sales”. Sis & I were only able to find a seat in the staircase and the total waiting process took about 4 hours. It’s seriously testing our patience level.

Of course, you might wonder why my mother is seeking for western medication while sister and I are practicing natural healing. Even though, we are keep sharing with her that by using right diet, moderate exercise, she can be free from high blood and cholesterol. However, she is not confident at all as some of her friend died of “Stroke” as not taking medicine. This thought already instilled strongly in her DNA. We can’t change her mind, so we respect for her decision. Her life, her responsibilty!

We checked with the nurse, any day or any session is fewer patients. They shared with us that “Nope, everyday is the same.” So, My answer is, “Our gratitude to every one of you as they work so hard, we are only waiting for one day but they need to serve many patients daily.”

Its better to pay attention to take care your good health before you lost it. Great health is your highest blessings in life.






2 responses to “Highest blessing in life…

  1. looking at the pic, yes I know what that is like had many a dog with that contraption around the head, but they adapt and get over it on their way back to health and that is why human love towards them is so important and I you and the family spread that love daily.

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